Wood stoves

The stoves of timber with air heating operation use as fuel matter timber and heat the space providing hot air.Their thermal faculty is exceptionally large. Some of them are also sold with oven for baking food. The modern stoves of timber (air heating and radiator) are exceptionally elegant while they are sold in a big variety of colours and drawings so that they suit in aesthetic all the modern residences.

 Pellet stoves

Pellets are a ecological fuel from compressed air sawdust of timber, without additives. Pellet is a source of energy which is easy for use and allows autonomous heating that lasts for more than one day.

An additional advantage of fireplaces and stoves of combustion pellet is also that they do not require the placement of a chimney or any other specifications that fireplaces or stoves require. Consequently they constitute a ideal solution of heating for apartments or blocks of flats or other spaces where the placement of a chimney is impossible.