We undertake the study, design, installation and maintenance – cleaning of your hearth.

Case study

Your space may have a distinctive style and require specialist detailing or may need an hearth of a certain size or propotion. With our great experience we can help you to choose the best suitable solution for your hearth.


Our design department is at your disposal so that they can draw the decoration of your fireplace with your own aesthetics and according to the style of your house. You can choose varius decorative material such as marbles, granites, tehnogranite, Stone, firebricks, timber etc

In a short time we will have the opportunity to present to you a publication of a #D graphic so that you can have proposals of the overall configuration of the space of the fireplace.


Our company undertakes the installation of your fireplace (installation of chimneys, hearths and decoration), assigning it to professional installers. The installation is always accompanied by written guarantee of right installation and good operation.

Maintenance – cleaning

We undertake sweeping and maintainance of the hearth and the chimney – this is recommended to take place on an annual basis, proportionally of course with the frequency of use of fireplace. Call us for any matter concerning your fireplace.

We are at your disposal in order to help you for any problems or queries.